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We train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 6:15pm. Training varies based on the time of year and the type of targets we are trying to achieve.


Weekly Training Plan

These are guides and the actual activity we undertake varies and will be shared or updated on Facebook for members.


Tuesday: Speed work

Thursday: Tempo Runs

Saturday / Sunday: Endurance



At the weekends we tend to work on endurance. On Saturdays we go for long runs and vary the distance depending on abilities. On Sundays the runs are shorter and slower. We vary the locations on both days and the runs can be a cross country, trail or road.

Monthly 5K Handicap Race


To see how everyone is progressing, we take part in a 5K Handicap on the last Tuesday of every month. This is based on your last 5K time. The start times are in reverse order. Runners with slower times will go first. Faster runners will go last with the aim being everyone to finish (roughly) at the same time. With a bit of healthy competition in the mix :-)

Race Training Plans


Our runners are experienced across all sorts of race distances. 5K to 10K. Half Marathon to Marathon. We even have a few Harriers that are Ultra Marathon runners. There is a vast amount of experience and plans across these distances and we are able to assist runners with creating individual training plans to help with your race challenge. 


We have included our standard Marathon training plan below as an example -



Marathon Training Schedule
Marathon Schedule.pdf 
Adobe Acrobat document [1.7 MB]

Main Meeting Points

1. Hamilton Water Palace - ///guards.worker.noses

2.Strathclyde Park Entrance - ///guards.worker.noses

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